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Rethinking digital development – issues for the publishing industry

By Frania Hall   In undertaking a presentation for a guest lecture I was asked to think about digital innovation in publishing and review the range of innovative activity that is going on at the moment. So I looked at it from the point of view of challenges that the industry faces in terms of

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Exploring Entrepreneurship Event – LCC – March 2017

This event happened on the 10th March 2017 at LCC.   Six entrepreneurs working in creative sectors came to talk about their experiences setting up and running new businesses. Sophie Rochester of the Literary Platform and Yodomo curated the event and moderated the panel discussions.   Divided into two sessions we asked first about STARTING

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Evolution of Organisational Structures – Legacy and Opportunity for the Publishing Industry

Studying specific sectors within the creative industries environment can be a useful way to understand the limits and opportunities for these industries to learn from each other and collaborate. Despite being a collection of industries that are increasingly aware of the opportunities of converged, creative products and which share a project-based, highly fluid way of

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