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Case Studies on Managing Creativity in Magazine Publishing

One of the CIMRH bloggers recently published a journal research paper comparing two innovative but different magazines – Style at Home and a magazine website, The UpComing. By examining the publishing ‘idea’  and ‘approach’, the paper highlighted a link between business innovation and how editors manage creativity in the digital era, giving some clues about managing creativity for

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Managing Creativity: Media ‘mission impossible’?

Creativity in the media industries, as noted by Lucy Kung (2008), is arguably more important for business competitive advantage than it is in other industries. The creativity in the working ‘capital’ of ideas, new concepts and even technologies in magazine publishing is often cited as crucial for a dynamic industry that has been heavily impacted

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Meaning in Method: Critical Realism in Creative Industries Research?

After meeting with the CIMRH team to discuss methodologies for our research, it left me thinking about two things: (i) how much we’d all delved into the ontological debates about social science in the last six months and (ii) given discussion about ‘reflexive’ approaches – can there be ground between positivism and interpretvism ? Having shown

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