About us

The Creative Industries Management Research Hub (CIMRH) brings together knowledge and new understanding on creativity, management and organisational behaviour as applied specifically to the activities of creative industries.

We seek to apply a critical and multidisciplinary lens of examination to the way cultural and communication industries function in the 21st Century; we aim to understand more about what business in areas such as magazine media, design consultancy, journalism and book publishing might do to navigate a time of digital change.

We are particularly interested in exploring:

  1. research methodologies that apply to creative industries – as a multi-disciplinary area how can different methodologies be synthesised meaningfully to study this specific sector?
  2. how business and management theories are applied and adpated when studying this sector, taking into account its particular and unique characteristics.
  3. emerging methodologies that are particularly useful in understanding different activities within the creative sector.

We are based at the London College of Communication, part of the University of the Arts London.