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A first time for our small (but nicely formed) research group, July 10, 2018 saw us hosting an ‘In Conversation’ hub meeting at LCC (UAL) with two esteemed guests: Dr John Oliver, Professor of Media Management at Bournemouth University and Ruth Leary, Principal Fellow of the MA in Creative and Media Enterprises at Warwick University. Overlooking Parliament Read More

Meaning in Method: Critical Realism in Creative Industries Research?

After meeting with the CIMRH team to discuss methodologies for our research, it left me thinking about two things: (i) how much we’d all delved into the ontological debates about social science in the last six months and (ii) given discussion about ‘reflexive’ approaches – can there be ground between positivism and interpretvism ? Having shown Read More

The dark side of the creative industries

Reading Keith Negus’s 2002 article recently provided a timely reminder that there is more to the creative industries than the oft-feted creative, flexible people used to working and innovating in challenging circumstances and providing a direct conduit between producer and consumer. As Negus says the conduit is often not as direct and creative a force Read More