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A first time for our small (but nicely formed) research group, July 10, 2018 saw us hosting an ‘In Conversation’ hub meeting at LCC (UAL) with two esteemed guests: Dr John Oliver, Professor of Media Management at Bournemouth University and Ruth Leary, Principal Fellow of the MA in Creative and Media Enterprises at Warwick University. Overlooking Parliament Read More

Rethinking analytical methods – ‘messy’ analysis, the crisis of legitimacy and creative research

It most probably reflects my own approach to analysis but I enjoy reading texts that reflect upon the iterative stages of analysis and that spend time assessing the many overlapping influences that affect the analytical process as it is played out. I have noticed that students do not always leave much space to explain how Read More

Collaboration spaces and autobiography

CSM, King’s Cross. In thinking about spaces for creative collaboration I have been looking at publishing companies that have been reorganizing their work spaces. Four of the big companies are looking at this area as they move offices and/or integrate. Creating opportunities to collaborate either through work spaces or through location, to encourage both internal Read More

Reflecting on Reflexive Methodology

In examining validity in qualitative research, formulating a formal approach to the processes of filtering and reflection led me to look more closely at Reflexive Methodology as described by Alvesson and Skoldberg in their book of the same name. Reflection, when considering methodologies and analysing data, plays an important role in the research process and Read More